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SBI Career Opportunities

The SBI offers exciting and rewarding careers for sworn law enforcement and non-sworn analysis and clerical personnel.


The non-sworn positions include Criminal Intelligence Analysts assigned to the Intelligence Section, Crime Analysts in the Crime Reporting & Criminal Statistics Section, Fingerprint Technicians in our Identification Section, and Clerical and Secretarial staff at offices throughout the state. Some of the positions require a high school diploma, while others require a four-year college degree.
Training New Agents
Newly-appointed Agent Trainees attend the Special Agent Academy for approximately 26 weeks of intensive training. This is followed by a three-month formal Field Training Program.
Training for non-sworn personnel varies with position responsibilities. As part of the Bureau's commitment to excellence, the SBI encourages employees to continue their education and to seek advanced training in their field of expertise.
SBI Job Areas and Responsibilities
The Criminal Information and Identification Section (CIIS) is a section within the SBI Support Services Division. CIIS maintains a statewide law enforcement computer network, which can provide up to the minute information on crimes and criminals. The following sections are under CIIS: Sex Offender Registration, Auditors and Training Specialists.
Special Agents in the Field Division conduct investigations of suspected violations of the criminal laws of North Carolina. Field agents are assigned to one of eight geographic districts or to one of many specialized units.
Special Agent duties and responsibilities include: conducting interviews and interrogations, collecting evidence, courtroom testimony, conducting surveillance, working undercover, and managing and organizing a caseload. Special Agents also assist local, federal and other state law enforcement agencies in major case investigations and work jointly with prosecutors, judges and district attorneys.
Agent positions in the Financial Crimes Unit require a four-year degree with a minimum of 18 semester hours of accounting and four years of professional financial or accounting experience in addition to the requirements for the position of Special Agent.
The pilots assigned to the SBI Airwing must meet other specific requirements in addition to the requirements for the position of Special Agent. These are posted as vacancies occur.
Insurance and Retirement
North Carolina pays the full cost of hospital and medical insurance for state employees. SBI employees participate in the Teachers and State Employees Retirement System of North Carolina.
State employees earn 96 hours of sick leave annually and from 94 to 208 hours of paid vacation, depending on the length of State Service. State employees receive 10 paid holidays per year.

For questions on how to apply, contact the DOJ Human Resources Section at (919) 716-6490