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North Carolina Department of Justice
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State Bureau of Investigation

The State Bureau of Investigation is a division of the Department of Justice under the direction of Attorney General Roy Cooper.

The SBI assists local law enforcement with criminal investigations. We work closely with local police and Sheriffs, district attorneys, federal investigators, and federal prosecutors.
The SBI has statewide jurisdiction and investigates homicides, robberies, property crimes, and other serious cases. Involvement is at the request of the local department that maintains original jurisdiction over the case.
The SBI has original jurisdiction in these areas:
  •    Drug Investigations
  •    Arson Investigations
  •    Election Law Violations
  •    Child Sexual Abuse in Day Care Centers
  •    Theft and Misuse of State Property
  •    Computer Crime Investigations that Involve Crimes Against Children


Where We Work
The SBI headquarters is located in Wake County, with field agents located in eight districts across North Carolina. Specialized investigators in financial crimes, computer crimes, Medicaid fraud, and other disciplines are located around the state.