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Special Investigation Units

Field agents provide specialized skills to law enforcement across the state with intensive training and equipment to help in challenging investigations.

These specialized services are in three distinctive units:  Arson, Crime Scene, and Polygraph.  SBI agents who serve in these units receive specialized training and equipment and obtain a high level of expertise.  Each unit is coordinated by an Assistant Special Agent in Charge who works in conjunction with the Special Agent in Charge of Special Programs within the Field Operations Division.
Fire/Arson Unit
SBI fire/arson agents examine fire scenes in order to determine the cause and origin of fires, and document the results of these findings.  On fires determined to be incendiary, agents conduct follow-up investigations in an effort to bring the perpetrators to justice.  Fire/arson agents may also be deposed or testify in civil trials and lawsuits related to accidental fires. 
The SBI has five arson dog teams across the state that assist with fire/arson investigations.  These dogs are specially trained to detect the presence of several types of ignitable liquids that can be used to start fires.
Because of the specialized training they receive, fire/arson agents also help process methamphetamine labs and some industrial incident scenes.
Crime Scene Search
SBI crime scene agents assist federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies with processing their most complex crime scenes.  Crime scene agents are responsible for preserving these crime scenes using specialized equipment and chemicals.
The crime scene agent determines the equipment needed for processing the scene in order to identify significant evidence at the scene.  Evidence including fingerprints, footwear impressions, tire track impressions, firearms, tool marks, bodily fluids, glass, paint, hair, and fiber evidence is documented, preserved, and collected to be analyzed by the North Carolina State Crime Laboratory.
In addition, crime scene agents are trained as members of the clandestine laboratory response team to assist with processing meth labs that involve noxious gases, hazardous waste, and potential explosion hazards.

Polygraph Unit
SBI polygraph examiners are stationed in the eight SBI district offices  across the state.  They conduct crime-related polygraph examinations for local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in North Carolina.
Polygraph tests are conducted on a case-by-case basis at the request of officers and detectives to verify information or to further develop their investigation.  The unit also conducts pre-employment polygraph examinations of Department of Justice personnel as well as Special Police and Campus Police applicants who seek certification as sworn law enforcement officers in North Carolina.
Agents assigned to the Polygraph Unit receive extensive training in interview and interrogation techniques and have successfully completed a polygraph school approved by the American Polygraph Association.

Field Operations:    Assistant Director Greg Tart