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AG gives law enforcement information about NC sex offenders found on MySpace

Release date: 5/23/2007

“This information gives law enforcement another way to learn about predators who could have easy access to children. We’ll keep pushing for more information to help law enforcement and parents protect children and for tougher laws against predators.”


Attorney General Roy Cooper has shared information about 245 registered North Carolina sex offenders who were found on the social networking site MySpace with the State Bureau of Investigation and probation officials.

The SBI Computer Crimes Unit, which leads the NC Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, will use the information as part of any relevant ongoing investigations. Probation officials have been asked to use the information to look for violations by sex offenders who may be barred from using a computer or contacting minors.

MySpace turned over the information which includes names, IP and email addresses in response to a request from Cooper and other state attorneys general. Cooper is leading a group of attorneys general from 52 states and territories who are pushing social networking sites to do a better job of protecting children from dangers on their sites.

Cooper expects to receive additional information from MySpace, including a list of all 7,000 sex offenders found so far on the site from across the country and details on what MySpace has done to remove these offenders from the site and notify other MySpace users who may have been in contact with them.

The information provided by MySpace does not include sex offenders who have not been convicted, are not registered, or may be using aliases on the site. Cooper remains concerned about other sex offenders on the site who may be lying about who they are, and is continuing to ask MySpace to do more to protect children on its site.

Cooper is also pushing a new North Carolina law to require parental consent and ban sex offenders from social networking sites like MySpace. That measure was unanimously approved by an NC Senate committee last Tuesday. A vote by the full Senate is expected as early as Wednesday afternoon.