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Medrano Express consumers urged to reclaim missing packages

Release date: 3/21/2014

Items shipped from North Carolina to Central America found in Miami warehouse 

Raleigh: North Carolina residents who shipped packages through Medrano Express that never arrived may be able to reclaim their missing items, Attorney General Roy Cooper said Friday.

Medrano Express specialized in shipping items to Columbia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico but is no longer operating. A total of 57 North Carolina consumers have complained to the Attorney General that items they had shipped via Medrano Express never arrived at their destinations, and Cooper’s Office began investigating Medrano Express in 2013.

The Federal Maritime Commission and Miami Dade Consumer Protection recently found more than 200 boxes collected by Medrano Express for shipment abandoned in a warehouse in Miami.  The Commission cannot determine the names of the people who had shipped those items but did recover the invoice numbers.  At least some of the packages appear to have been shipped from Medrano Express locations in Charlotte or Raleigh and could belong to North Carolina residents.

“People shipped packages that never got delivered as promised, but now we may be able to return some of these items to their rightful owners,” Cooper said.  “We’re urging consumers to contact us right away if one of these packages could be theirs.”

Any North Carolina consumer who shipped packages through Medrano Express that did not arrive should contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division immediately. Help is available in English or Spanish.  There is no guarantee that a consumer’s package is in this particular warehouse, but Cooper’s office wants to try to help return as many packages to their rightful owners as possible.

Call the Consumer Protection Division at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM (toll-free within North Carolina) or (919) 716-0058 (Spanish language line).  People can also file a consumer complaint online in English or Spanish at

Anyone who has already given their Medrano Express invoice number to the Attorney General’s Office does not need to contact our office again.  Cooper’s office has compared invoice numbers from North Carolina consumers who have already complained about Medrano Express to the packages found in Miami but none of the numbers match. 

Medrano Express has not paid the rent for the warehouse where the packages are stored.  According to the Federal Maritime Commission, the owner of the warehouse plans to donate to charity any packages not claimed by March 28. Cooper’s office is working to extend that deadline to give consumers more time to reclaim their packages.

Contact:  Noelle Talley (919) 716-6413