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Stop individuals on Terror Watchlist from getting guns in North Carolina, AG Cooper says

Release date: 12/7/2015

Legislature should pass and the Governor should sign a bill closing the terror suspect gun loophole

Raleigh: Individuals on the Terrorist Watchlist should be stopped from purchasing firearms in North Carolina and the legislature and Governor should act, Attorney General Roy Cooper said Monday. 

After the failure of the U.S. Congress to pass the provision last week, North Carolina should take the lead on saying no to terror suspects getting guns, he said. 

“Stopping terror suspects from getting weapons that could harm our state and its people makes common sense,” Cooper said. “Even if Washington won't act, we can.”

While known felons, domestic abusers, and fugitives are prohibited by federal law from purchasing guns, terrorist suspects can buy assault weapons and handguns legally. More than 2,000 suspected terror suspects were legally allowed to purchase guns in the US from 2004 to 2014, according the US Government Accountability Office, a 91 percent success rate.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation maintains the U.S. government’s consolidated Terrorist Watchlist—a single database of identifying information about those known or reasonably suspected of being involved in terrorist activity, according to the agency. Already New Jersey prohibits the sale of guns to people on the list thanks to a law passed in 2013 and signed by Gov. Chris Christie.

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