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Thousands of North Carolinians using new sex offender registry tools

Release date: 4/30/2007

Raleigh: Thousands of North Carolinians are taking advantage of new sex offender registry tools to view maps that pinpoint sex offenders who live nearby and to sign up for email alerts when offenders move into their neighborhood or near their child’s school.

These tools are available as part of a new sex offender website, available at, that was unveiled by Attorney General Roy Cooper one week ago.

“In just the past week, thousands of parents and other concerned people have come to the new site to search for offenders in their area and sign up for alerts,” said Cooper. “Families, schools and neighborhoods can use these new tools to better plan for their safety.”

Since the new site was officially launched on April 23, visitors to the site have conducted more than 500,000 searches of the sex offender registry. That total includes 278,000 searches using a new feature that allows people to view maps and aerial photographs that show offenders’ home addresses. The website’s new advanced mapping technology shows exactly where registered offenders’ addresses are in relation to a given address within a one-mile, three-mile or five-mile radius.

More than 4,200 people have signed up to receive email alerts notifying them when a registered offender moves near their home, local school, day care center or any other address they choose. Approximately 200 people have signed up to get email alerts about a specific registered offender, a tool that can help victims and their family members keep up with the location of a particular offender.

North Carolinians from across the state are taking advantage of the new alerts. As of noon Monday, people had subscribed to get email alerts for more than 900 addresses in the Triangle area, including 481 addresses in Raleigh, 152 in Cary, and 147 in Durham. People had signed up to get alerts for more than 200 Charlotte addresses, more than 100 Asheville addresses and nearly 80 Wilmington addresses.

The NC Department of Justice Sex Offender Registry website includes photos, names, addresses and conviction information of registered sex offenders from across the state.

Sex offenders are required by law to register with their local Sheriff’s office and must verify their address every six months in person. Failure to register or update addresses as required is a felony. Sheriffs share information about offenders with the NC Department of Justice and it is automatically updated on the registry. ###

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