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Watch out for sham mortgage settlement calls, AG warns

Release date: 2/22/2012

Raleigh:  Fraud artists are reportedly using the recently announced national foreclosure settlement to try to get people to divulge their bank account information, Attorney General Roy Cooper warned Wednesday.
“Unfortunately, scammers are trying to use this landmark settlement to line their own pockets,” Cooper said. “It’s never a good idea to share personal financial information with anyone you don’t know who calls or emails you.”
The Virginia Attorney General’s Office has reported hearing from several consumers who have been contacted by scammers claiming to be calling on behalf of the settlement. The fraudulent calls tell consumers they’re eligible for money from the settlement and need to provide their bank account numbers in order to receive the funds.
Cooper’s office has not yet heard from any North Carolina consumers who’ve been targets of the scam but warns consumers here to be on their guard. Consumers who spot this scam or others are encouraged to report it to the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division by calling 1-877-5-NO-SCAM toll-free within North Carolina.
North Carolinians eligible for direct relief from the foreclosure settlement will be contacted by their mortgage servicer or the settlement administrator in coming months. Consumers can also contact their mortgage servicers directly for more information:
 Bank of America: 1-877-488-7814
 Citi: 1-866-272-4749
 Chase: 1-866-372-6901
 Ally (formerly GMAC): 1-800-766-4622
 Wells Fargo: 1-800-288-3212

North Carolina consumers who believe they are eligible for relief under this settlement but are concerned they will be difficult to locate can contact Cooper’s office at  or 1-877-5-NO-SCAM. More information on the settlement is also available at and