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Treatment for People With Substance Use Disorder

Getting addicted to meth is easy, and it can happen quickly. Getting off of meth is hard, and it’s a long–term process.
Recovering meth addicts are not able to experience pleasure, sometimes for months. Combined with meth’s strong psychological addiction, this often leads to relapses.
The most effective treatments for methamphetamine addiction are designed to help addicts change their thinking and behavior. They learn new ways to cope with stress. Treatment that involves the addict’s entire family is most successful, and support groups are helpful when used to supplement this treatment.
Many experts believe the MATRIX model is the most effective way to treat meth addiction. In this method of outpatient therapy, patients learn about their addiction and how to manage cravings and avoid risky activities that could trigger using meth again. The MATRIX method also uses family therapy, drug testing, and a 12-step process.