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Critical Incident Response Kit

The Critical Incident Response Kit (CIRK) helps schools prepare for a crisis such as a school shooting. Each public private, and charter school in North Carolina received a booklet and a video that explains how to assemble the kit.

CIRK booklet: Tells school administrators how to assemble the Kit. Among the recommended items in the CIRK are architectural blueprints; procedures to cut-off fire alarms, utilities, sprinkler systems, and cable television; keys to the school in a separately locked container; information on evacuation routes and safe rally locations; and emergency contact information for students and school personnel.

CIRK video: Also included in the kit is the video "A Critical Incident: What To Do in the First 20 Minutes", which provides a powerful dramatization of a critical incident at a school. In the video, teachers, school administrators and law enforcement officials respond appropriately to a shooting incident at a school. Following the dramatization, the video reviews the incident step-by-step and recommends procedures for responding safely and effectively.

Calling for help: Some public schools and school resource officers also received a free wireless telephone as part of their kits. The phones were made available through a settlement reached between the Attorney General and a communications company regarding price disclosures.

CIRK training: Hundreds of public schools have completed specialized CIRK training sponsored by the Attorney General's Office, the Justice Academy, the State Bureau of Investigation, the Center for the Prevention of School Violence, and Emergency Management.