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School Safety

Attorney General Cooper visits North Carolina students.Keeping students safe at school campuses requires educators, parents and law enforcement to work together.
School Safety Plans
Attorney General Roy Cooper provided Critical Incident Response Kits to every public, private, and charter school in North Carolina. The kit tells educators and officers how best to respond during a school shooting.
The Department also trains law enforcement how to react quickly when lives are at stake.

How Can North Carolina Schools Be Safer?
Public safety experts agree that North Carolina schools have improved safety efforts but need to improve information sharing and use technology effectively. Read the Attorney General’s report: Keeping North Carolina’s Schools Safe & Secure.
Higher Education Campus Safety

Cooper appointed a task force to study security at public and private North Carolina colleges and universities. The group has recommended several ways to make North Carolina higher education campuses safer, and colleges and universities are putting these recommendations to work. 

You can read the Report of the Campus Safety Task Force.