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ISO Procedures

The North Carolina State Crime Lab and forensic laboratories across the country are moving to the ISO 17025, international standards that provide a global basis for laboratory accreditation in management and technical requirements.  We welcome public comment on the new standards.  Contact senior lab management to share your comments.
The official version of all documents exists on the Crime Laboratory's internal server.  Any documents which are printed are considered to be uncontrolled.
Laboratory Quality Manual
Laboratory Safety Manual

                Authorizing Deviations
Certification Procedure
Conducting Audits and Management  Reviews
Corrective Action
Document Control and Management 
Ensuring the Quality of Test Results
Equipment Calibration and Maintenance
Evaluating Customer Satisfaction
Evidence Management
Facilities and Environmental Conditions
Obtaining Evidentiary Standards
Personnel Training 
Preventive Action
Procedures for Court Orders and Discovery Requests
Procurement and Receipt
Record and Data Management 
Reporting Results
Reviewing Laboratory Reports
            Stop Work Orders
Use of FA
Validation of Technical Procedures 
Writing Technical Procedures

Raleigh Laboratory Section Technical Procedures

Digital Evidence
             Approved Software for Forensic Computer Examinations

                 Audio Clarification 
             Audio Duplication and Conversion
             Audio Evidence Repair
             Audio Performance Verification
             Audio Physical Inspection of Evidence
             Audio Results 
             Cellular Telephone Data Extraction
             Cellular Telephone Deleted Data Extraction
             Computer Apple Macintosh Preview Procedure
             Computer Approved Software
             Computer Cable Acquisition Procedure
             Computer DOS Hard Drive Imaging
             Computer DVR Analysis Procedure
             Computer Evidence Search (SAN)
             Computer Evidence Search Final
             Computer Glossary 
             Computer Hard Drive Removal 
             Computer HardCopy Imaging Procedure
             Computer Macintosh Native Examination Procedure
             Computer Performance Verification
             Computer Physical Dump of Cellular Telephone Data
             Computer Removable External Media Imaging to SAN
             Computer Removable External Media Imaging
             Computer Results Procedure(SAN)
             Computer Results Procedure
             Computer Results Statements
             Computer Rimage Operating Instructions
             Computer System Image Restoration
             Computer Target Drive Preparation
             Computer Windows Imaging Procedure(SAN)
             Computer Windows Imaging Procedure
             Computer Work Flow Diagrams Final
             Taser Function Test
             Taser M26 Data Download
                Taser Serial Data Download
             Taser USB Data Download
Taser X26 Data Download 
             Video Acquisition
             Video Creation of Image CD
             Video Duplication and Conversion 
             Video Enhancement
             Video Evidence Repair
             Video Image Enhancement
             Video Image Export
             Video Image Printing
             Video Performance Verification
             Video Physical Inspection of Evidence 
             Video Results Procedure               
Video Standard Settings Reference Guide
DNA Database

                      DNA Database Autosomal DNA STR Interpretation
             DNA Database GeneMapper ID Procedure
DNA Database Procedure
             DNA Database Reagent Preparation and Quality Control Procedure
             DNA Database Documentation and Review Procedure
             DNA Database Fire Evacuation Instructions
             DNA Database Safety and Hazardous Waste Disposal
             DNA Database Procedure for Organic DNA Extractions
             DNA Database Analysis and Technical Review of Database Samples
             DNA Database Review of Contractor Data

             DNA Database Sample Accessioning and Processing
             DNA Database Sample Handling Procedure
             DNA Database Calibration and Equipment Maintenance Procedure
             DNA Database Expungement Procedure
             Performance Check Procedure of Qiagen BioRobot Universal  
             DNA Database PCR Amplification with Identifiler
             DNA Database Use of the 3130XL Genetic Analyzer
             Qiagen BioRobot Universal Procedure 
             Procedure for CODIS

             Procedure for Database Aseptic Technique and Contamination Control

Drug Chemistry
             Clan Lab Procedure
             Drug Chemistry Analysis 
             Extractions and Separations
             GCMS Drug Chemistry   
             HPLC Use Liquid Quant
             Identification of Marijuana
             Infrared Spectroscopy
             Measurement Assurance
             Polarized Light Microscopy
             Preliminary Color Tests
             Quality Assurance of Supplies 
             Sampling Procedure
             Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
Firearm and Tool Mark
                Case Documentation
             Distance Determination
             Evidence Numbering
             Firearm Examination
             Firearm Reference Collection
             Fired Cartridge Case-Shotshell Examination
             Fired Projectile Examination
             Instrument Calibration and Maintenance
Preparing Reagents 
             Serial Number Restoration
             Tool Mark Examination
             Unfired Cartridge-Shotshell Examination
Forensic Biology
Body Fluid Casework Procedures
                               Body Fluid Unit Quality Control Procedure
             Mini-CrimeScope procedure 
DNA Casework Procedures
             Procedure for Casework Report Writing
                 Procedure for CODIS
                 Procedure for Extraction using the EZ1 Advanced XL
             Procedure for GMID for Casework
                 Procedure for GMID-X for Casework
             Procedure for Stats
             Procedure for Use of the 3130XL for Casework

Section Wide Documents
             Calibration and Equipment Maintenance Procedure
             Documentation and Review Procedure
             Evidence Handling Procedure
             Performance Check and Equipment Maintenance Procedure
             Fire Evacuation Procedures
                 Photographing Evidence
                 Policy and Procedure for Safety and Hazardous Waste Disposal
             Procedure for Aseptic Technique and Contamination Control
Latent Evidence
                 Amido Black
             Basic Yellow
             Conducting Reviews
             Coomassie Blue
             Crystal Violet
             Cyanoacrylate Ester Kits
             Cyvac II
             Cyvac M
             Dental Stone
             Footwear Impression Examinations
             Forensic Technician
             General Laboratory Equipment
Gelatin Lifters
             Hungarian Red
             Image Processing
             Inherent Luminescence
             KIIs and MCIIs
             Known Footwear Standards
             Known Tire Standards
             LES Abbreviations-10-31-2013
             Liquid Adhesive Print Lifter
             Nikon D2X
             Nikon D3
             Nikon D100
             Nikon F4
             Nile Red
             Ninhydrin HFE-7100
             NP Evidence
             Obtaining Known Exemplars via CIIS-AFIT
             Physical Developer
             Porous Processing
             Portable UV Light
             Potassium Iodide
             Powder Processing
             Preservation of Footwear and Tire Tread Evidence
             Processing of Hands and Feet of Unknown Deceased
             Property Crimes and SAFIS Search Guidelines
             Quality Control 
             Recording of All Analytical Data
             Safe Work Practices
             Safefume Cyanoacrylate Chamber
             SAFIS AFIT
             SICAR Crimeshoe FBI
             Sodium Hypochlorite
             Sticky-Side Powder
             Sudan Black
             Super Glue Fuming Wand
             Tape Glo
             Tire Tread Examinations
             Tire Tread Search             
TracER Laser
             UltraLite ALS
             Writing Results Statements
             Zinc Chloride HFE
             Zinc Chloride

              Blood Cannabinoid Liquid-Liquid Extraction

              General Laboratory Equipment
            Headspace Gas Chromatography to Quantitate and Identify Volatiles in Liquids
            Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Phenethylamines for GCMS Analysis
            Liquid Handling Systems
            pH Meter
            Solid Phase Extraction of Acidic Neutral and Basic Drugs for GCMS Analysis
            Toxicology Analysis
              Toxicology Evidence Entry
            Toxicology Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
              Toxicology Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry 
            ELISA Drug Screen
Trace Evidence
             Collection and Preservation of Evidence 
             Gunshot Residue 
             Physical Match
             SEM-EDX-GSR ASPEX
             Spot Test Preparations