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Operation Medicine Drop

Sign for Operation Medicine Drop prescription drug take back event and bags of prescription drug pills collectedPrescription drug take-back events across the state can help you safely destroy old drugs to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. 

Local law enforcement in North Carolina partners with Safe Kids North Carolina and the Drug Enforcement Administration to collect and safely destroy these drugs during Operation Medicine Drop.

Safely disposing of old medications through Operation Medicine Drop events instead of flushing them down the drain prevents chemicals from ending up in the water supply.

North Carolinians have safely disposed of more than 61 million total doses at Operation Medicine Drop events since 2009.

Operation Medicine Drop events typically take place statewide in the spring and fall. You can sign up to receive email notifications about events in your area. Check the calendar to find a drug take back event near you.  

Because narcotics and other dangerous drugs are often received at prescription drug take-back events, these events must be overseen by law enforcement officials. Unsecured collection boxes are not permitted. However, secure collection boxes are now available year-round in some communities. Find a permanent drop box near you.
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