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Enforce Drug Laws

Illegal drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine bring violent crime and thefts into communities across North Carolina.
SBI agents fight the spread of drugs through special teams trained to intercept drug shipments, spot drug dealers in the air, bust secret drug labs and test evidence for court cases.  SBI agents work with local and federal law enforcement on special task forces to target drug traffickers and break up drug rings.
The SBI also investigates the misuse of prescription drugs and provides prosecutors with results of drug testing in driving while impaired cases. The SBI works with local and federal law enforcement to go after large drug operations that bring meth, cocaine and other drugs into North Carolina.
Meth Focus
A priority for Attorney General Roy Cooper and the SBI has been stopping the make and use of meth. A new method for making this dangerous drug is spreading, leading to more meth labs across North Carolina.  Learn to recognize the signs of a meth lab and report suspected labs to law enforcement. 
You can report information on drug enforcement through the SBI tip line at 1-800-334-3000.