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Information for Wholesalers Distributors

Wholesalers and distributors of pseudophedrine must report pharmacy sales within North Carolina to the State Bureau of Investigation. You can report the sales electronically
Requirements and Instructions for Submission
    • Wholesalers/Distributors must contact the SBI and set up a user account before submitting reports.
    • A report is required each month. The report should contain the entire month's information. Submit only one report per month.
    • The format for start and end dates in the report is dd/mm/yyyy-dd/mm/yyyy (Example: 01/01/2008 – 01/31/2008) Failure to use this format will cause the report to be rejected. The report will then have to be resubmitted using the correct start/end date format. 
    • Wholesalers/Distributors must use the “Meth Lab Prvtn Act template” (which was distributed during Phase I of this project) to submit monthly sales reports to the SBI. All columns must be completed.
    • The files submitted should be less than 20 megabytes and they cannot have a .zip extension.
    • Do not include information regarding sales or distribution to pharmacies outside of the State of North Carolina. Reports containing information regarding sales outside of NC will not be accepted. 
    • To name your report, list your Company DEA Number, insert one space, and then enter the reporting period in the following format: mm/yyyy. (Example: N123456789 012008)  Failure to use this format will cause the report to be rejected. The DEA number in the report must match your DEA number user name in the system.
    • Recipient Types other than Wholesaler and Retailer will not be accepted.
    • Total Tablet Quantity and Total Pseudophedrine Quantity fields are numeric – do NOT include text in these fields.
    • Do not submit information about liquid or injectable medications.
    • Please login carefully. After 10 incorrect login attempts, your account will be locked out of the system. Contact the SBI application administrator to unlock your account.


Report Verification
There are two levels of review when reports are filed. The database will look at the filed report to determine if all the fields in the spreadsheet contain data. If there are any blank cells or columns in the spreadsheet, the submission will be rejected and the Wholesaler/Distributor will be instructed to correct noted problems and resubmit the report.
After submission acceptance, reports will be verified by SBI employees. Reports containing incorrect data will be flagged and the Wholesaler/Distributor will be asked to resubmit the report with corrected data.
For example, a spreadsheet may be accepted by the database but when reviewed by personnel it may be found to contain an incorrect DEA number or information other than what was requested, such as N/A.  In this instance the report will be flagged for resubmission and the Wholesaler/Distributor will be contacted to resubmit the report.

Follow the instructions provided below to submit your report to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.
Using the Wholesaler/Distributor Web Site

Open Internet browser and navigate to

    • Enter username and password
    • Select the File Submission link
    • Click Browse and select report to be submitted
    • Enter data 
    • Click Submit


If your submission is accepted, you will receive a message screen saying your submission has been filed.

If your submission is missing information or columns, has incorrect information, or does not comply with the fields contained in the report template, you will receive a message screen to resubmit your report after correcting specific fields.
No Sales Submissions
Distributors who do not have any sales during a reporting period, must login to the Web site and use the “Submit No Sales Report” option on the submission page. Place a check mark in the no sales submission box and the current reporting period will populate the report period box. Click the “No Sales” button to submit this report. You will receive a dialog box requiring you to confirm your submission.
Other Guidelines

In addition to being listed on the template, the data length and types are listed below:
Data length and type
Start of Reporting Period
10 Date
End of Reporting Period
10 Date
Wholesaler/ Distributor DEA#
9 Alpha-Numeric
Wholesaler/ Distributor Name
50 Alpha-Numeric
Recipient Type
1 Alpha (W-wholesaler, R-retailer)
Pharmacy DEA#
9 Alpha-Numeric
Pharmacy Name
50 Alpha-Numeric
Pharmacy Address
50 Alpha-Numeric
Pharmacy City
30 Alpha
Pharmacy State
2 Alpha
Pharmacy Zip
5 Numeric
Pharmacy County
12 Alpha
Product NDC
10 Numeric
Product Name
50 Alpha-Numeric
Total Tablet Quantity
10 Numeric
Total Pseudoephedrine Quantity (mg)
10 Numeric