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North Carolina Department of Justice
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The Administrative Division provides legal advice and representation to most State agencies. Sections within the Administrative Division include: Services to State Agencies; Elections; Health and Public Assistance; Human Services and Medical Facilities; Real Estate; and Torts.


The Civil Division handles civil claims and litigation involving the State, its officials and employees. Sections include: Insurance; Labor; Property Control; Revenue; and Transportation. The Division also has a Western Office located in Asheville.


The Consumer Protection Division protects the public from unlawful business practices. The Division carries out this mission by educating consumers, mediating commercial disputes between consumers and businesses, enforcing state consumer protection laws, representing the public in matters before the North Carolina Public Utilities Commission, and making policy recommendations to the legislature. Units include: Consumer Protection, Antitrust, Telemarketing Fraud, and Victims and Citizens Services.


The Criminal Division handles criminal matters for which the Attorney General is responsible, including criminal appeals, death penalty cases and cases involving the Department of Correction. Sections include: Criminal Appellate; Capital Litigation/Federal Habeas; and Correction.


The Environmental Division advises and represents the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and various environmental commissions. The Division also investigates and prosecutes environmental crimes and civil actions. Sections include: Air and Natural Resources; Waste Management; and Water and Land.


The Law Enforcement and Prosecutions Division provides legal representation and advice related to law enforcement and assists in prosecuting certain criminal cases. Sections include: Crime Control and Motor Vehicles Section, which represents the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety, including the Highway Patrol and DMV; Law Enforcement Liaison, which provides legal support to the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission, North Carolina Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission, Company and Campus Police Program, North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission and the State Bureau of Investigation's Criminal Information and Identification Section (formerly Division of Criminal Information); Medicaid Investigative, which investigates Medicaid fraud and abuse; and Special Prosecutions, which prosecutes or assists in criminal cases upon request of a local district attorney.


The Special Litigation Division handles complex litigation in which the public has a vital stake. Within this Division, the Education Section represents the University of North Carolina System, the State Board of Education, the Department of Public Instruction, and the Department of Community Colleges. Staff members also advise local school boards and public school administrators.


The Office of the Solicitor General is responsible for handling civil appeals before state and federal appellate courts and coordinates the agency's participation in amicus briefs.