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Campus Safety

Days after the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech, Attorney General Roy Cooper brought together leaders from colleges, universities and law enforcement in North Carolina to find ways to make our campuses safer.
Cooper convened a task force of educators, law enforcement officers and other security professionals. The task force studied security at North Carolina colleges and universities and issued a number of recommendations to help campuses improve safety, especially when faced with a crisis such as a campus shooter.

The group heard from many experts including the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the district that investigated the Virginia Tech shootings, and the deputy director of the panel that reviewed campus response to those shootings.
Safety strategies put forward by Cooper's task force include better efforts to recognize potentially dangerous people on campuses and preventing involuntary committments from buying guns.   The task force also recommended better coordination between campuses and law enforcement and establishing a Center for Campus Safety.  Cooper has shared these recommendations with colleges and universities, law enforcement, and state legislators.

Following the task force report, Cooper worked with legislators to change state law to better protect North Carolina from a tragic shooting like the one at Virginia Tech. The new law requires court clerks to enter mental health commitments into a national database, which will provide the information for gun permit background checks.
The change brings state law in line with a federal provision that prohibits those who were committed from buying or carrying guns. For the first time, it also gives people a way to have their rights restored if a judge agrees.