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School Safety

Attorney General Cooper visits North Carolina students.Keeping students safe at school campuses requires educators, parents and law enforcement to work together.

School Safety Plans

In the wake of the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado, Attorney General Roy Cooper helped every public, private and charter school in North Carolina assemble a Critical Incident Response Kit. A video ("A Critical Incident: What To Do In The First Twenty Minutes") showed educators and law enforcement how to prepare, and the accompanying booklet told school officials what items to have in the ready if an event should occur.

Higher Education Campus Safety 

Days after the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech, Attorney General Cooper brought together leaders from colleges, universities and law enforcement in North Carolina to find ways to make our campuses safer. The task force studied security at North Carolina colleges and universities and issued a number of recommendations to help campuses improve safety, especially when faced with a crisis such as a campus shooter. You can read the Report of the Campus Safety Task Force.


Special Training for Officers
Public safety experts agree that North Carolina schools have improved safety efforts but need to improve information sharing and use technology effectively. These issues are included when the Department trains law enforcement how to react quickly when lives are at stake.