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North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission

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The North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission is the legislatively mandated leader of anti-human trafficking efforts in North Carolina per S.L. 2013-368.  The Commission is charged with examining and combating human trafficking; funding and facilitating research; creating measurement, assessment, and accountability measures; informing and educating law enforcement personnel, social services providers, and the general public; suggesting new policies, procedures, and legislation; developing regional response teams; and identifying gaps in law enforcement or service provision and recommending solutions.  The Commission is housed in and staffed by the NC Department of Justice.

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The members of the Commission are:

  1. Libby Magee Coles (Chair), JusticeMatters, Inc., Faith-Based or Benefits Organization (Speaker’s Appointment)
  2. Pamela B. Cashwell, NC Department of Public Safety, Secretary of Public Safety’s Designee (Governor’s Appointment)
  3. Jennifer Haigwood, NC Department of Labor, Commissioner of Labor's Designee (Governor’s Appointment)
  4. Monika Johnson Hostler, N.C. Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA), Public at Large (Speaker’s Appointment)
  5. Vacant Seat, North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking, (Speaker's Appointment)
  6. Dianne Layden, Public at Large (Senate’s Appointment)
  7. Jasmine McGhee, NC Department of Justice, Attorney General's Designee (Governor’s Appointment)
  8. Caitlin Ryland, Legal Aid of NC, Legal Aid of North Carolina (Senate’s Appointment)
  9. Captain Suzanne Mauney-Smith, Gaston County Police Department, City or Town Police (Senate’s Appointment)
  10. William M. Nichols, Ret. Major NC Highway Patrol, County Sheriff's Designee (Senate’s Appointment)
  11. Sarah Tellis, True Justice International, Health Care Representative (Governor’s Appointment)
  12. William R. West, Jr., District Attorney of Cumberland County, District Attorney (Speaker’s Appointment)

The staff of the Commission are: 

  1. Christine Shaw Long, NC Human Trafficking Commission Coordinator (
  2. Susan Romano, NC Human Trafficking Commission Administrator (
Please Note:

The last of three regional symposiums for professionals engaging in North Carolina’s response to Human Trafficking will be held in Charlotte. The Charlotte symposium was originally scheduled for July 12-13, 2018, but has been postponed to a later date. The new dates for the symposium will be announced as they are determined. 

Click here to see the agenda from the second regional symposium held in New Bern in April.

These meetings are intended to increase knowledge of the complexity of Human Trafficking, deliver clear and guided information across a broad spectrum of trafficking-related issues, and create a sustainable training model utilizing current research and best practices recommendations.