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Internet Safety

Computers, mobile devices and the Internet have opened the door to an online world. This world offers amazing opportunities for education, communication, socializing, and entertainment. The online world is constantly changing, providing new areas for exploration. Taking advantage of the opportunities and keeping abreast of the changes can be a challenge.

Millions of people are using social networks like Facebook and Twitter. They are posting comments online, or writing their own blogs. They are using digital photography to document their lives, and using the Internet to share their photographs. They are using smartphones, laptops, and tablet computers to go online while on the go.

But Internet users of any age can accidently give out confidential information, or be tricked into providing it. That information can be used by others to commit identity theft or financial scams. Provocative profiles and postings by teens can attract the attention of adults who want to exploit them in illegal, harmful sexual relationships.

Safe online navigation is just like safe navigation by land, sea, or air. It requires knowledge, experience, and clear thinking. You can minimize your risks and maximize your rewards by making good decisions in your online journeys.

Watch Attorney General Josh Stein's Internet Safety video.