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Public Integrity

Government employees and elected officials have a responsibility to respect the law, act ethically and conduct their work in an open manner.  Attorney General Stein and the Department of Justice help you know your rights and responsibilities under the law and actively prosecute officials who violate the public’s trust.  
North Carolina’s Public Records and Open Meetings laws provide the foundation for knowing what government officials and entities do. North Carolinians are generally entitled to see any public record. Public bodies must generally conduct business in public.
The Attorney General’s Office issues opinions reminding government entities of their obligations under these laws and how to comply.  You can contact our Open Government Unit at to get information on how to obtain public records and conduct open meetings. (Note: Our publication "A Guide to Open Government" is currently being revised and will be available later this year.)

Department lawyers prosecute and oversee investigations of public corruption cases. Our department has handled hundreds of criminal cases against elected and appointed officials.

Our lawyers bring cases against judicial employees and law enforcement personnel through the state Judicial Standards Commission and Law Enforcement Training & Standards Commission. The Attorney General is also available, upon request, to take over any criminal case from local District Attorneys if the DA has a conflict.