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Open Government

The policy of the state of North Carolina is to allow the public access to the business of government. We help by acting as a liaison between public officials and the public.
Open government laws are known as “sunshine laws” because they help shed light on the government’s work. 
Public Records laws specify:
  • What kinds of records the public may access
  • Which government agencies must disclose records
  • How public records laws may be enforced if agencies do not allow their records to be examined


Open Meetings laws specify:
  • Which State and local public bodies must hold open meetings
  • What kind of notice public bodies must give before holding meetings
  • Under what circumstances a public body may enter into a closed session
  • How citizens may enforce the open meetings law if a public body attempts to exclude them from a meeting or fails to give proper notice


To get help on open government issues, email the Attorney General’s Public Protection Section at or call (919) 716-6938.