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Attorney General Josh Stein and the Department of Justice are shutting down scams and warning North Carolinians about frauds targeted to seniors.
Shutting Down Scammers
You can fall victim to a scam at any age, but many con artists target senior citizens because of their good credit. The scammers hope that memory loss and frailty will make seniors easy victims. For seniors who are no longer handling their own finances, state law now allows caregivers to add protection against thieves.
You can fight back by refusing deals like bad annuities and sweepstakes frauds.
We’re also working to educate seniors about scams like telemarketing fraud, sweepstakes scams, home repair fraud, identity theft and investment scams at senior Scam Jams across North Carolina.
Fighting Elder Abuse
Attorney General Josh Stein’s Medicaid Fraud Unit investigates and prosecutes abuse and neglect of patients in nursing homes and other facilities that get funds from Medicaid.
If you’re a senior suffering from elder abuse, or if you suspect that a loved one is being abused, contact local law enforcement and our office.