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Legal Opinions

The Attorney General may issue legal opinions to state agencies and officials. These opinions provide advice on legal matters.

While these opinions do not have the full effect of law or court order, they provide the State’s interpretation of the legal question presented and should be complied with by State agencies and officials.

The General Assembly, Governor, Auditor, Treasurer, or any other State officer may ask the Attorney General for an opinion. N.C.G.S. § 114-2(5).

State officers may request opinions by writing to the Attorney General at Attorney General’s Office, 9001 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-9001.

The Attorney General is not authorized to provide legal advice or give legal opinions to the public.

Copies of Opinions

Attorney General opinions are available here generally a week after issuance. For opinions prior to 1977, copies can be obtained free of charge by calling (919) 716-6400 or email the office.

Printed copies are also available at the NC Supreme Court Library and other law libraries across the state.

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Date Opinion

Operation of Charter School for Fewer than 180 Days

  Statute: 115C-105.26, 115C-238.29F, 115C-238.29H, 115C-84.2,
Requestor: Sneeden, Brad

Applicability of Public Records Act to North Carolina's Northeast Partnership

  Statute: 132-1, 143B-130, 143B-428, 143B-6, 158-8.2,
Requestor: Thompson, Melanie

Authority of the State Auditor to Examine Personnel Records

  Statute: 126-24, 147-64, 147-64.13, 147-64.4, 147-64.6, 147-64.7,
Requestor: Campbell, Ralph

Establishment of a Lottery upon Approval of the Voters in a Statewide Referendum

Requestor: Forrester, James

Flexibility Legislation Pertaining to the Medical Faculty Practice Plan

  Statute: 116-37, 116-40.6, 146-22, 146-27, 147-17,
Requestor: Getsinger, Layton

Election and Terms of Community College Trustees

  Statute: 115C-47, 115D-12, 115D-13, 115D-16, 115D-54, 115D-55, 128-1, 128-1.1, 128-1.2, 128-6,
Requestor: Hines, Clay

Authority of Marine Fisheries Commission to Regulate Menhaden Fishing

  Statute: 113-132, 113-134, 113-134.1, 113-182, 143-289.52,
Requestor: Redwine, David

Appointments to Office

  Statute: 143B-434.1,
Requestor: Black, James

Meetings of Public Bodies; Closed Sessions to Preserve Attorney-Client Relationship

  Statute: 143-318.10, 143-318.11, 143-318.9,
Requestor: Stroud, E. Stephen

Authority of County DSS to Notify Credit Bureaus of Debts Owed to DSS

  Statute: 108A-80,
Requestor: Beatty, Bryan